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Life Groups

** OPEN ENROLLMENT BEGINS 4/14 FOR THE NEXT SESSION OF GROUPS, BEGINNING MAY 6TH. ** Most of our Life Groups consist of 8-20 people who meet weekly during each of three Small Group Sessions per year (Winter, Summer, Fall). The group leader decides on the curriculum they offer for the 10-12 week group session. Groups fill quickly, and space is limited. We offer groups for: men, women, young adults, singles, couples, seniors, and our “community groups” are a mix of men and women, both single and married. (Once a group is full, it may be removed the map to eliminate clutter.) Because we value your participation, and we have limited space, it’s important for you to be committed and faithful to regular attendance during your group session. Life Group enrollment for the Fall closes when either (a) all groups are full, or (b) on September 28th, whichever comes first.
Grupo Familiar en Español
Glendale Single Friends (40+) |   “God Fulfills His Promises"
Gregorio Valtierra & Veronica Ortiz | Español
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Super Groups

Super Groups are mid-to-large-sized gatherings that meet for a teaching and then break into “clusters” of Small Groups for discussion. This is a great way to experience spiritual and relational growth in a larger group community with a small group feel.
Sisterhood | Monday PM | Phoenix | Bilingue
Dream City Singles
Phoenix Couples
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Focus Groups

Focus Groups offer recurring curriculum in a class-styled groups format with a “focused” curriculum. Focus Groups allow us to equip people during seasons of their life. We offer topics such as finances, premarital groups, abuse recovery, addiction recovery, divorce care, grief support, post-abortion recovery, evangelism, cancer patient and family support.
Beyond Divorce
New Beginnings | Post-Abortion Recovery
Sunday | Phoenix Campus | preMARITAL Class
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Midweek Groups (Wednesdays On All Campuses)

When you join a "Midweek Group," you're joining a Wednesday Night Group on any of our campuses. Childcare is provided. Midweek Groups begin on April 11th, and will meet each Wednesday night except for the First Wednesday of the month. On "First Wednesdays," we all meet together on the Phoenix Campus for an amazing service, and then Midweek Groups happen the rest of the weeks between April 11th and October. These groups offer a fantastic opportunity to develop community and to immediately discuss the application of the midweek teaching.
Midweek Groups | Phoenix Campus
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